How to make money in trading

Most of the new entrant get swayed away by the eye-catching video advertisements, some gets too excited by the blue sky stories. After a few days they find it to be completely opposite of what they had heard or saw in the advertisements. So, how to make money? Making money in trading is a psychological game, it’s a very well established fact that about 95% of traders always make loses in trading, only 5% traders make money in the market

Money Management & Risk Management

Since Forex is all about derivatives trading, your broker would give you some margin leverage by default. Some may find it very exciting and luring. That exactly the first mistake is made. Here is an example to help you understand Person A has INR 10,000 to start trading in the Forex. Here we take NSE as exchange and Upstox as broker. ii. 1 Lot of USR INR pair is equivalent to $ 1000. In another words if you buy/sell 1 lot of the said pair you are trading worth $ 1000. While broker may charge just 1% as upfront margin to execute the trade but it’s to be noted that your risk is at 100% of contract size which is worth INR 75,000 /per lot. iii. As per the capital above, in INR 10,000 you can take positions worth 4 lot. Means you can trade worth $ 4000 (INR 3,00,000) by just paying 10,000 as margin.

The Pandemic, Covid-19 In the current situation of the pandemic, you are not guided that you shouldn’t hang out with many people and stay in your home as much as possible and avoid human contact. The schools are the same, they have been closed. Solution for Educating Children/Individuals in the Pandemic Most schools all around the world are closed and institutions are shifting towards online teaching and learning. Even before this situation of pandemic, online learning was famous just because it is cheap and is available very easily to any individual or student but after the pandemic, it has skyrocketed because there is just no other option. Plus, it also saves the time of travelling from home to school and for a student time is money. Problems faced by Children/Parents in Online Learning Not everyone has a broadband connection at their home, before the pandemic, they just did not needed so much data and bandwidth, they could do their work just fine with mobile data, but in this pandemic, their children need to attend online classes, they have to do their work from home, which increases the demand of internet, but the demand is just so high for a new connection that it will take at least a few days or even weeks because the Internet Service Providers are busy providing new connections to many people. And, even if they have the internet doesn’t mean they’ll be able to use computer all of a sudden, most parents and even teachers used to ask students to spend as less time on computers and smartphones as possible but how ironic is a human’s life, now those same people are asking students to use computers and smartphones to attend online classes and spend time on PCs for hours. This just shows how much we, humans, have developed in the last decade. Is Online Learning Good for Students? Online Learning is more beneficial for learning, even more than traditional school classes because there are no one to disturb the class, and a student can learn at his/her own pace, he can just repeat the video at the part which he did not understand clearly and ask the teacher later if he still didn’t understand it. Studies have shown that children learn 30-55% more in online learning than regular classes, this is because online learning requires 20-60% less time to learn about things than classes held in a school. But this can vary depending on the age, younger children can deviate from learning because something else can tickle their fancy and they would surely start doing that instead of focusing on learning. People in the age group of adolescents and adults can benefit from this type of learning because they know what they have to learn and why and they are interested in learning which makes it easy for them to focus on learning.

For instance, if you are 55 and make $40,000 per year, you should purchase a policy for $400,000.

You cannot get a long term disability policy if (1) you are or are soon to be pregnant, (2) make less than $18,000 per year, (3) are unemployed, or (4) you are required to carry a weapon for your job. Typically, the waiting period for long-term insurance to kick is at least 60 days and as much as a year. Disability insurance is an important aspect of your overall insurance coverage plan, and if your employer offers it as a benefit you should definitely consider it as a wise investment. For College Students The tuition arrangements are set up; the dorm room is assigned and your son or daughter is headed off to college in the fall. In all of the confusion of the paperwork, deadlines and financial arrangements did you remember to check on their health insurance? Many, but not all, insurance companies provide for health insurance for college students under a family policy; do you know for sure that yours does? With some insurance companies, coverage depends on whether or not the student is a full time student. Review your policy or ask your insurance administrator; if you have an HMO plan, will your student be covered if they go to the student

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